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Wide & Narrow - The Story!

Three friends with a history of travelling around the US visiting every BBQ joint they could find always dreamed of setting up their own restaurant. Having spent much of 2020 contemplating their futures (like the rest of the world), these friends decided to take their lifelong experiences and love of BBQ and music to launch Wide & Narrow Smokehouse.

To get started, they invested their money into an Airstream and several smokers and hit the road serving up authentic low and slow smokehouse BBQ. The eventual goal being to have a restaurant where families can relax, enjoy freshly cooked BBQ with great drinks to a classic soundtrack and get their hands dirty with our sweet sauces and dry rubs.

The Smoke Truck

Who we are

Colin Marshall

Colin Marshall

Founder & Pitmaster

Colin is a dedicated family man with over 40 years experience working as an award-winning chef in every area of hospitality. Colin is fanatical about food…

He has always held the ambition of setting up his own food operation but never felt that the time was right, and nothing filled him with the fire to go it alone.

The unfortunate push of redundancy in July 2020 led him to enter tentative discussions with two friends who held similar ambitions and who had also decided that the time was right. Over several weeks the dream to set up Wide and Narrow Smokehouse was discussed, agreed and launched.

Colin is responsible for all menu design and development, food quality and consistency, training aspiring pitmasters and cooking up the best BBQ in the UK.

Jermaine Weeden

Jermaine Weeden

Founder & Managing Director

Jermaine has spent his entire working life in sales and hospitality developing relationships with clients and partners across many different industries and environments.

Jermaine loves the good life, family, travel, sport, food and drink, and loves to experience new places and making lasting memories. After years as an employee Jermaine deciding to start IT Document Solutions Ltd, since then he has been looking for an exciting new venture. He has a love for Texas BBQ and flavoursome homecooked food which has always made his family happy.

Now he looks forward to creating a new dinning experience which you will tell your friends about and hopefully celebrate. His moto “Life is for living” has never been more important post Covid19.

Graham McDonnell

Graham McDonnell

Founder and Operations Director

Graham has worked in every imaginable role within hospitality, from Bartender to Director and Barista to Head of Operations. Graham has predominantly worked in heavily branded environments over his 25-year career, such as TGI Fridays, Nandos, Premier Inn, Starbucks and Be At One.

Graham spends his free time with his family and is also heavily involved in youth football as a coach and youth chairman, his passion lies in the development of others and in hosting friends and family at parties and gatherings, the majority of which include a BBQ!

An unfortunate casualty of redundancy during the Covid19 Pandemic, Graham decided that it was the right time to pursue his dream to launch authentic Smokehouse BBQ to the UK along with his two partners.

Get your hands dirty!

With our sweet sauces and dry rubs…